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Shenzhen Huisichuang Technology Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in the development and application of power transformation and distribution, power generation intelligent integrated power system, and low-power power module series. It integrates scientific research, development, manufacturing and sales. , sophisticated and sophisticated professional R & D team, committed to providing comprehensive equipment services for the power system.
The GZDW series microcomputer-monitored high-frequency switching DC power supply system (an intelligent integrated power supply system) produced by Shenzhen Huisichuang Technology Co., Ltd. has been widely used in power plants, hydropower stations, various substations, as well as railways, chemicals, mining and other industries. . Since the team was established in 2005, it has experienced various tests in the power industry and industry associations. Huisichuang, which was newly established in 2017, has given a new concept, gathered industry experience, intelligent development ideas, and created an industry pioneer. The provided products operate safely and stably in the power system and play an important role in the modernization of the country.

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